contents of the book -Become Remarkable Now

Please enjoy the contents of the book Become Remarkable Now The orginal content and the additions and expanded version of the book available only here.



The discussions more questions,answers and details of chapters to follow soon

last updated Feb 3 2015


Chapter 1 Why become remarkable?

Chapter 2 What is the Purpose of human life?

Chapter 3 What is happiness?

Chapter 4 How can we become Happy?

Chapter 5 What is life?

Chapter 6 Why do we need to be Healthy?

Chapter 7 What do we order out of Life’s Menu?

(Menu Concept)

Chapter 8 Certificate of Service (Money concept)

Chapter 9 Wealth equation (Wealth concept)

Chapter 10 S/I Circle

Chapter 11 The formula to become remarkable

Chapter 12 Press the START button.

To be continued…………



Suggested Reading



  • Think & Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill
  • How to win friends & influence people - Dale Carnegie
  • Who Moved My  Cheese - Spencer Johnson M.D
  • Lesson in Mastery - Tony Robbins
  • The world is flat - Tom Friedman
  • Snow Ball - Alice Schroeder
  • Steve Jobs - Walter Isaacson
  • Audacity & Hope - Barak Obama
  • Goals - Brian Tracy
  • Millionaire Next Door - Thomas J. Stanley and  William D. Danko
  • The Automatic Millionaire - David Bach
  • Common Wealth - Jeffery D. Sachs
  • Banker to the Poor - Muhammad Yunus
  • Purple Cow - Seth Godin
  • Good to Great - Jim Collins
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert T. Kiyosaki
  • The Law of success - Napoleon Hill
  • The Secret - Rhonda Byrne
  • Seven Habits of highly effective People - Stephen R. Covey
  • The Compound Effect - Darren Hardy
  • The Richest Man in Babylon - George S. Clason
  • Outliers - Malcolm Gladwell
  • Born to win - Zig Ziglar
  • You were Born Rich - Bob Proctor
  • Become Remarkable Now - Jay Pujara
  • The Power of Positive Thinking - Norman Vincent  Peale
  • Your Best Life  Now - Joel Osteen 
  • The Success Principles - Jack Canfield
  • The art of exceptional living - Jim Rohn




Happiness! A Discussion with Jay Pujara


The author of Become Remarkable Now 

 concepts about Life,Happiness and wealth


Happiness is one of the most commonly accepted purpose of life

across the planet.


who should attend?


1  If you are over 18 and breathing this is for you 


2  If you think you are extremely happy and happy all the time

    this is for you because you can share those ideas with others 

    who may need it - Happy people are happy because they share

    great ideas with others and spread happiness


3 If you are happy most of the time but at times it is challenging

    join the discussion getting better at the most important thing in life

    is never a someday lets do it now rather than being on someday island


4  what is happiness? why are all of a sudden so many world class universities     and many governments taking a lot of interest? and why are there more than

    Why are there Hundred's of books on Amazon on happiness? If you wonder lets talk about it 


5  want to network with like minded individuals and grow your circle of 

    influence and your business please join 


There is no charge to attend! 








Next meeting to be announced soon



Location.  Macathur blvd and walnut hill lane in Irving TX 75038 


Regent Place

1304 W Walnut hill Lane,

Irving TX 75038

suite # 205


 Please check your email for confirmation and exact directions to the location

Thank you 

Thank you all who attended the last program making it  a great success!

The upcoming programs will be announced here shortly





Coming soon!


Business Owners Roundtable



Are you a business owner in DFW area ?

Are you interested in connecting with other business owners in 

 the area in a positive environrment?

Are you ready to learn some more ideas to grow your business?

Are you ready to share some great ideas you have learnt with others?


If you answered yes to these questions

This roundtable is for you 

Lets meet as a group and create realtionship with other fellow

business owners and see how we can better serve our customers.


The date and time to be announced soon for the upcoming business roundtable at our office


Inspiration Masters LLC

1304 Regent Blvd

Irving TX 75038






























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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