Million people project details

Million People Project Details.

Helping million people to get what they want would be an important move
for the year  .How people can be helped will be by.

1 Mass collaboration
2 Mass participation

Mass collaboration can be achieved by clearly demonstrating what
this is about and getting the best talented people to donate their
time at their will and provide something of value to human society
Why is the most important part before asking how .
In my work during the past decade  I am finding a large portion of the population
in the us is Depressed and on Antidepressant medication.
Being in the Euphoria of being the best in the world and richest
democracy in the world how can it be so that the large part of our
population is depressed  and have  to take an antidepressant to go to the next day.

Asking that question we come up with lot of possible answers which will
be discussed further here along with the best of the minds in our country
and to address this problem and others alike .
The questions like when are you going to become a millionaire ?
the questions when asked to common people gets a stare and the look
that are you crazy? me and millionaire ? these people the large number
again have stopped dreaming and accepted the fact that only Bill Gates can
be rich .

This makes me think what has happened why have all this people stopped dreaming
what can be done help them start dreaming again ? We here a lot about the economy on
the television and worries about the consumer not strong and not coming back to the market
etc . But if people don't even dream how can we expect them to go out and do things
and how can we back to at least normal and then focus on the growth .

The solution to that is to help people improve slowly and steadily from where they are to
where they want to be .And as a part of this process I am inviting you to join me in
helping our people to move forward

This is if a person is at point 2.0 on the 100 point of ladder of achievement which
they have for themselves if We can jointly help these people to get to 2.0002  a little
improvement for the day for the week and then put them on the path of moving
forward little by little each day (something equivalent of providing people with
knowledge how to fish instead of providing with a fish ) to grow for life .

please feel free to come up with ideas
you may come up with questionnaire for a person to ask and make clear where
a person is and where they want to go and then provide something of value
that can put them on the path of progress .

I will be personally putting up lot of information here in future to help authors to
recognize where this is going and how they can contribute.please visit again.

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What happens when you come up with a big dream and share with people around you If you see people taking a sip of water or breaking eye contact or scrambling papers or even coughing you know you have a big dream  Why to have big dreams?Small dreams don't have the power to arouse enthusiasm in any one it does not even motivate self. On the other hand big dreams have a power to bring out everything within us and motivate us challenge us to do more  As Jim Rohn said if you don't want much you won't become much.Have big dreams and follow themWork on your dreams there is a famous quote from Dhirubhai Ambani" if you don't work on your dreams someone else will hire you to work on theirs 
Importance of communication why is communication very important? The major difference between all the species and humans is our ability to communicate very effectively with other human beings and especially in today's world to communicate all over the world. We as humans are going to communicate every day,every hour and probably every minute and all our growth,satisfaction and success is based on our ability to communicate. so why not do it effectively. Communication is a skill and therefore like any other skill it is a learn able skill if we pay attention,learn and practice Most important component is to recognize the need of effective communication and then to realize that we need to improve upon our communication no matter how good it is and once these two steps are accomplished that is  the need and  the value then we start the process of learning and practicing If we look at history we remember the great leaders and along with the great leaders we remember their speeches and that is their communication with other people at that time. How they made people feel, how they aroused the emotions in them by the use of their body language and powerful words  it could be the 'I have a Dream' speech by Dr Martin Luther King Jr or idea to  put the man on the moon by president John F. Kennedy And such great communication is not something which people are born with. we all come to this world the same way naked,scared and ignorant and then we learn here so again if we have to communicate all our lives and exchange our ideas with other human beings and have to negotiate our way on the planet. Then why not do it effectively. in the next segment we will go further into communication and the parts of it This segment is provided by Jay Pujara of Inspiration Masters, LLC Jay is a winner of several awards in public speaking as a part of contests conducted by Toastmasters International organization  in the DFW area.

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