December 2016 DFW open Speech Contest


Humorous Speech


 Persuasive speech contest information


Q   Who can participate in the contest ?

A   Students from Age 5 to Age 18 can participate in the contest.

      The groups they participate would be age appropriate


Q   who will judge the contest ?

A   Contest is judged by independent volunteer judges who want

      to help and encourage students grow.


Q Does the winner get any prize?

A  The first 3 place winners in each group  will receive an trophy  and all the                contestant will receive a participation certificate. 


Q Can parents remain present during the contest ?

A  Yes if the parents wish to attend the contest.

     We welcome parents to  attend and cheer the contestants.


Q Is there any cost for participating in the contest?

A  The cost of participation  for contestant is $ 15.00 Prepaid or

     $ 25.00 at the door.There is  no charge for the accompanying

     parents and siblings.

    Students with any hardship to pay contest  enrollment may please

    contact our office for a waiver.


Q How do I enroll my child for the contest ?

A  You can enroll online on our website

    at on the main page

    and pay online or visit

    or by phone. Please call  Jay 972 948 8476 

    or Manohar 469 583 4261 


Q What is the deadline  to fill out entry form  for the contest ?

A  The last day to enter the contest is 5.00 pm June 9th 2017.



Q Where can I get the entry form

A The entry forms are under the forms tab on our website


There will be three  groups for the contestant

Required to speak between minimum and max time requirement

Group I  Age  5yrs to 8yrs   (Time requirements at least 1 min)

Group II Age 9yrs  to 13yrs  (Time requirements 3 to 5 minutes)

Group III Age 14yrs to 18 yrs (Time requirements 5 to 7 mins)


Group 1 will be telling a story or something about their life 

Group 2 Will have a Persuasive Speech Contest 

               (Time 3 to 5 Minutes)

Group 3 Will have persuasive speech contest 

              (Time 5 to 7 minutes)


Please choose a subject relavent to your audience)


Contest Features


Entry for the contest on first come first served basis

so please register  early 



Fun to listen to other participants as they perform  and opportunity

to win the DFW open speech contest with trophy, certificate and a lot 

of bragging rights.


This  organized by

Desi Plaza TV in collaboration with koach Kanika

and Inspiration Masters LLC


paricipation and organization by

DFW Open Speech Contest

and Desi Plaza TV   



















DFW Open Speech Contest Form
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